BBR 008 - ZOVV, s/t


BBR 008
April 2023
Edition of 20

6 track EP cassette tape. A=B
c-20 pea green ferro tape in atlantic green / transparent shell
20 realtime homedubbed tapes
10/20 /w blockprint j-card



BBR 010
October 2022
Edition of 99

12 track tour album cassette tape
c-46 ferro tape in vintage black / transparent shell
99 realtime homedubbed tapes
xeroxed j-card

BBR 009 - Futur-Z, Electron Libre


BBR 009
December 2020
Edition of 300

3 track vinyl single. homemade electro sound with french lyrics.
lose yourself on foggy dancefloors, anxious prestorm beaches or meditation powered conradesque boat trips through the (concrete) jungle.
black vinyl / white paper dustcover / b/w printed sleeve. DIY


BBR 007
March 2019
Edition of 50

Debut tape ep. adventurous beat driven and atmospheric. topped with  lyrics in french language. Hailing from "le nord" this tape is the perfect compagnon for endless winding campagne roads, foggy days, kangoo tapedecks and enthusiastic picont-beer festivities.


BBR 006
June 2014
Edition of 50

Split EP.
A: Max Stocklosa - Universal Author Accelerator
B: Yellow Thies - Brown Ballads.
sincere cheat - naive tech- classic doubts - green screen - motor sports - single child - hd problems - anti ceo - north america bruises - highway horror - author collapse 

Im Gleisbett leise

Im Gleisbett leise
May 2012
Edition of 30
54 pages

This handmade book (23,5 x 26 cm) shows 51 photos taken in the period between 2008 and 2012. Transience, abandonment and railroad landscape.

BBR 005 - VIST, Black Gold

BBR 005
August 2011
Edition of 5

Face A: Black Gold (4:04 min)
Face B: Infinite Traffic
8inch vinyl

Güterzug No.4

Güterzug No.4

Summer 2011

Edition of 100

Similia similibus solvuntur.

Heat Haze! 64 pages of Taurus Sounds, Bench Prey,
Heavy Metal, Track Ballast, Worker Slaps,
Nerd Talk and Campfire Tales from The Freight Depression.

BBR 004 - Pink Jacket and Blue Shirt

BBR 004

May 2011
Edition of 50

Rebecca Rosa and Gino Ginelli proudly presents the soundtrack for romantic neon light and wild patternd rags. 70 minutes on white cassette tape.

Zwischen Birken und dem Flieder

Zwischen Birken und dem Flieder
October 2010
Edition of 30 / Sold out
54 pages

This handmade book (23,5 x 26 cm) shows 51 photos taken in the period between 2008 and 2010. Transience, abandonment and railroad landscape.